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'Firefly' To Celebrate 10 Years At San Diego Comic-Con 2012

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Browncoats across the world have been giddy with the prospect of a special 10 yr anniversary panel at this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego. It's not official yet but something is currently in the development stage.


Admin note: This is no longer a rumor. The Science channel sent the official press release of this announcement out today. This is confirmed as I also received the release announcing it.

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alycakes3372d ago

If only I could be one bucket list wish of all times that would top anything else right now.

Crazay3372d ago

Pretty big firefly fan?

alycakes3372d ago

Not just pretty big...the biggest..I've been a Joss Whedon and Firefly fan since it came out on tv...always loved Buffy too.

I met Summer Glau in May and she is just really sweet and friendly. She took a picture with us.

Crazay3372d ago

Thats fantastic. Always nice to have that opportunity to meet someone famous who you respect and find that they are actually nice people.

JL3371d ago

I'd love to go to this panel myself. However, I'm imagining it's going to be a pretty high-interest panel. As such, I'm not really sure I have the desire to make sure I'm in line no later than 5am just to ensure I'd make it into Ballroom 20 for this.

Oh well, I'm willing to bet somebody puts a video online at some point.

alycakes3371d ago

That's will be one of those that will take some waiting in line for...won't be pleasant in this years heat....still I can dream.

JL3371d ago

The "heat" doesn't bother me. I'm from the south. It's not really hot in San Diego, especially in comparison to what I'm used to.

The rough part would be having to get there so early just to ensure I'd make it in. I'd probably only get like 2 hours sleep doing that. Then have to wait in line for 6 hours.

P.S. If anybody complains about how "hot" it is to me when I'm in San Diego again, I'm punching them in the throat lol All weekend here it's supposed to be 100+ degrees, with Saturday being the hottest at a project 110 degrees. San Diego "heat" will be like a cool breezy paradise in contrast.

alycakes3371d ago

Wow! that's's hot here too.100* but not to that point yet.

A couple of years ago I could have done the getting up early and standing in line 6 hrs plus and that Firefly panel probably would be the only one I'd do it for...but after this years events....not so much.

My girls and I are going to have a Firefly and Serenity marathon here at my house next will be tons of fun.

Crazay3371d ago

Oh you lucky SOB. You got to go to SDCC again this year? How does one sign up for work duties with Filmwatch to go to these events. On a side note I hope you have a good trip sir. Looking forward to some VERY in depth reporting from you in the coming week/days.

BlackTar1873371d ago

Awesome i will be there and to find this out Sweeeeeet

No longer going to be Preacher from the preacher comic now i am forced to be a browncoat.

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Lord_Sloth3371d ago

Maybe we'll get another movie. XXXD