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John Ary Questions The Amazing Spider-Man And Discusses His Top 5 Proposed Superhero Reboots


John Ary here with a few thoughts on rebooting our favorite super hero films.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be releasing here in the states on July 3 and I have yet to talk with anyone who is truly excited to see it. It's not an issue with the quality of the movie or the choices for the leading roles. Rather, it seems like the film's origin story is more of the problem. Do we really want to see Peter Parker's genesis as a crimefighter... again? After all, it wasn't that long ago that Sam Raimi capped off his Spidey trilogy (2007). If we're going to reboot heroes, let's do it right, with characters who haven't been mined to death and stories that are fresh. We have stacks of comic books and reels of film to search for these grand protagonists, so why limit our exposure to only a certain handful of properties?

This got me thinking... Who are some of the heroes that I would like to see get a big budget modern-day reboot? I compiled my top 5 do-overs into the following video:

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