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Are Vampires Are Overused In Today's Industry?

It seems more and more people these days are becoming infatuated with our devilishly beautiful, fanged monsters. Flocks of big time TV producers and film companies have cashed in on the craze in recent times, sucking every last drop they can out of this wonderful creature. It seems you can't change the channel without seeing a new vampire TV series or movie airing these days. Don't get me wrong I am A HUGE Vampire enthusiast and have been from a young age. In my mind there's no disputing that the Vampire always will reign supreme as the number one horror monster ever created. Whilst it's pretty cool that the vamps are getting there time in the sun without fear of turning to ashes, could all this popularity in mainstream pop culture actually be damaging the very essence of what makes a Vamp so awesome in the first place? Lets explore, shall we.

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StarWarsFan3372d ago

Well, The Twilight Saga is ending, so I'm sure the fad will die out soon.