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Batman And Superman To Team-Up On The Big Screen Before Justice League


Although not quite in the way you're probably expecting! Channing Tatum is in talks to play Superman and Will Arnett will play Batman in...Lego: The Piece of Resistance. Disappointing, eh?

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Crazay3376d ago

WEAK SAUCE!!!! Stupid Lego.

Crazay3375d ago

I nearly crapped myself when i first saw it addmittedly

StarWarsFan3376d ago

I'm not sure if these two franchises would mesh very well in a live-action film.

Crazay3376d ago

Superman and Batman? Hellz yes they would.

Downtown boogey3375d ago

A man and an extravagantly powerful alien?

Crazay3375d ago

Noone is necessarily suggesting they should be pitted against each other but it would be sweet either way.

aDDicteD3375d ago

a lego movie... dont know if it'll be good but it's batman and superman teaming-up so it better be awesome

Crazay3375d ago

ya the kids will love it no doubt.