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Discuss: Where Has The Sense Of Fun Gone From Most Modern Blockbusters

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This past weekend, a film named "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" opened. And there were a number of surprising things about the movie: it wasn't an elaborate practical joke; it was greenlit with the expectation that people would want to see it and it seems the smart and capable cast and crew members didn't have anything better to do. But most surpising of all is the way in which a film with the words Abraham, Lincoln, Vampire and Hunter, in that order, in the title, is executed in such a relentlessly grim, humorless manner. Decades ago, it would have been the stuff of B-movies, and yet writer Seth Grahame-Smith and director Timur Bekmambetov play it almost entirely with a straight face.

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alycakes3324d ago

I thought so on some of those points but not on all of it.

StarWarsFan3323d ago

The Amazing Spider-Man doesn't look to be as much fun as the Sam Raimi trilogy. The Sam Raimi trilogy had a few funny moments with Tobey Maguire and people at the Daily Bugle.

Lord_Sloth3323d ago

Guess nobody knows it's based on a book that's grim and dark...