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See How Seth MacFarlane Played a Teddy Bear Using Motion-Capture in New TED Featurette Last week, a really funny red-band featurette for Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s feature directorial debut Ted was released. Now a new featurette has gone online, giving us a look at how MacFarlane played the titular teddy bear using motion-capture technology. It’s a pretty interesting clip that shows MacFarlane pulling double duty on set, sitting behind the monitors and directing while also wearing a motion-capture suit so he can play opposite the human actors at the same time.

Hit the jump to watch the featurette.

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SHA3317d ago

Been sold on this movie since its RedBand trailer hit the 'net.

StarWarsFan3317d ago

I'm not sure if using this technology was that necessary for this movie, but okay.

Grap3317d ago

so you prefer a dummy?

StarWarsFan3316d ago

They don't use this technology for every single animated creature, so for one as simple as Ted, I doubt it was absolutely necessary to record Seth MacFarlane walking down a street.