Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures Hits Blu-ray on September 18

Coming Soon

Lucasfilm and Paramount Home Media Distribution have set a September 18 release date for "Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures." You can check out the announcement below as well as the cover art and the previously-released trailer for the upcoming set.

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Crazay3321d ago

Right around my Birthday too. Perfect.

I smell a giveaway JL.

StarWarsFan3320d ago

I can't wait for this. The Star Wars set was most impressive last year.

Crazay3320d ago

Is it wrong of me to kinda wish the short lived Young Indiana Jones series was included in this box set?

StarWarsFan3319d ago

That would make this set well over $100. I wouldn't mind seeing it included, but I wouldn't pay more than $100 to have it included.

aDDicteD3320d ago

it's a must have for indiana jones fans