Cinematic Soulmates: A Hard Day’s Night and That Thing You Do!

Chris Olson of Clearance Bin Review writes, "Even if you don’t like the Beatles, you have to at least acknowledge the band’s importance. Collectively, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr not only changed the face of music, but they impacted nearly every facet of popular culture, from films to fashion to relaxed attitudes about drug use. While they appeared in a handful of their own movies, the influence of the Beatles on cinema can be felt even to this day, with films about the band, inspired by the band, or simply featuring their music, which remains as popular as it has ever been. The Beatles even served as inspiration for actor Tom Hanks, who made his directorial debut with a film that is heavily steeped in Beatles lore, despite the fact that the film barely makes mention of the lads from Liverpool. And while it doesn’t necessarily stand out from the crowd, being neither particularly great nor all that innovative, it does manage to distinguish itself somewhat thanks to the fact that it shares a number of similarities (most of which are obviously intentional) with what is arguably the Fab Four’s best cinematic outing."

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