How I’d Fix It: Prometheus

"How I'd Fix It" is a new column by writer Dan Schindel discussing some of the little, and big changes that might have turned a flop into a blockbuster, or a good movie into a great movie.

From the opening paragraph, Dan writes, "Prometheus is by and large the greatest disappointment I’ve had this year at the movies. There was a metric ton of potential for it, with the cast the movie had in it, the crew it had behind it, and the money that had been poured into the production. What came of all that potential was one of the greatest-looking average films that I’ve ever seen. It’s not bad, not by a long shot. It looks great and has a terrific sense of atmosphere. But it’s just. So. Stupid. And worse, it’s stupid while trying to be smart. While every other element of the film was nigh-perfect, the script failed it, and that is, ultimately, the most vital part."

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