'Avengers' Sunk 'Battleship,' Director Peter Berg Says


If there's one thing you can count on Earth's mightiest heroes to accomplish, it's kicking alien ass. Iron Man, Captain America and the rest of the gang didn't just destroy the extraterrestrial threat in their movie, either — they also sunk the aliens of "Battleship" without even knowing it.

"Battleship" director Peter Berg spoke with MTV News recently about his thoughts on the box-office earnings of his latest big-budget blockbuster. The Hasbro adaptation has earned $235 million overseas, but only $63 million at the domestic box office — an outcome Berg pins on the outstanding success of "Marvel's The Avengers."

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darklordzor2705d ago

Yes, because it always looks good when you blame your failures on something else. Doesn't make you seem petty at all. Even if it were entirely true (Battleship sucked on its own), saying it for an interview just comes off as whiny.

Soldierone2705d ago

What was the problem? The fact that EVERY single person I talked to about this movie said the EXACT same thing. "Where the hell did they get aliens from?"

Sorry but making it "politically correct" was a huge mistake, basing a movie off a rather simplistic board game was a mistake, and trying to throw a sub-par film on the screen didn't help either....

Crazay2705d ago

I haven't had a chance to see Battleship but I do want to so I won't pan it as a shitty movie just yet. Saying that the "failure was due to The Avengers" probably holds some truth to it. I know if I was a director, I would have been telling the studios to hold it off until a slower time of the year.

Kurylo3d2705d ago

i think his biggest mistake was casting rihanna... in anything. lol.

Crazay2705d ago

Ok - I'll give you that. Casting Rhianna was probably a pretty stupid move. lol