Five Directors Who Could Successfully Pull Off 'Jurassic Park IV'

With Universal having hired writers for Jurassic Park 4 and Steven Spielberg confirming he's not directing it, TheMoviePool takes a look at five other directors that could successfully pull of the latest film in the franchise.

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darklordzor2696d ago

Guillermo del Toro all the freaking way. I know it's not going to happen, but if I could pick any ONE director, it would be him.

I'm not so sure about Gore Verbinski anymore. I still like him, but he tends to get lost in his own ambitions a little too much.

TheCritic282695d ago

I don't know, I still support that man and his visual style. Plus, he still would make an excellent Bioshock...if that project wasn't completely dying right now, of course.

darklordzor2695d ago

Yeah I'd love to see his Bioshock, but only f it was rated R. A PG-13 Bioshock just isn't Bioshock.

no_more_heroes2695d ago

Saw the original again some months ago and was shocked to see just how well it holds up to this day. Given how much money it made in 1993 ($914.7 million!), if you adjust for inflation, I'm sure it would only be behind Titanic and Avatar.

darklordzor2695d ago

Yeah when I first got the blu-rays for the JP trilogy that was my thought as well. The effects have held up incredibly well. Hell there are movies from just a decade ago that haven't lasted as well as Jurassic Park.