The 5 Best Pixar Movie Endings


Now that most of you caught Brave over the weekend, we can safely say it has one of the better endings in Pixar history. The moment … well, we're not going to tell you what the moment is in case you missed the movie, but suffice it to say that it stands up right next the many tearjerkers in the studio's history.

It’s not the first time Pixar has saved its “gotcha” moment for the final scenes. And it got us thinking: What are the five best endings in Pixar history? We put it to a vote, and the CB staff came back with these selections (as well as explanations as to why these endings work so well). Agree? Disagree? Hit us up in the comments section below:

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Crazay2698d ago

I was just happy to see Wall-e end period. that movies was a pile of garbage.

aDDicteD2696d ago

nice list,, toy story 3's ending was the best ending that pixar made to end the trilogy of toy story. I'm glad it's no.1 on the list