'Dexter' Season 7 Trailer Asks: How Will Deb React

EW Inside TV:
Another teaser trailer for Showtime’s seventh season of Dexter, but at least this one teases what we really want to know: How will Debra react to discovering her brother is a serial killer? Are the flashes of dialogue we’re hearing in this teaser even new? Dunno, but here’s your Dex amuse-bouche.

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alycakes2704d ago

Wow...this will be an interesting year but it looks as though they are trying to bring the series to an end with an episode that will bring closure.

-MD-2703d ago

They're locked in for 2 more seasons so like 24-25 more episodes to go minimum.

alycakes2703d ago

You think maybe that's going to be it after that? I love the show but you can only do so much once certain people find out your secret.

-MD-2702d ago

It'll probably end its run along with that contract.

2 more years of Dexter is fine with me.

alycakes2702d ago

They said season 8 is the final season for sure.