Australian Actor Luke Hemsworth To Join Brothers In Hollywood

Deadline's Don Groves reports:

Australian actor Luke Hemsworth plans to move to Hollywood, joining his younger brothers Chris and Liam. Luke, 32, signed with ROAR Management, which also reps his siblings, about a year ago. His Australian agent, Mark Morrissey, tells Deadline the actor has decided to pursue a career in the U.S. but hasn’t yet set a time to relocate because it also involves his wife and their three young children. Morrissey said ROAR has been sending Luke scripts but he hasn’t committed to anything. Luke starred in Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, a miniseries that chronicled a war between Sydney two motorcycle clubs in 1984 which resulted in the deaths of seven people; it aired this month on Network Ten. Luke began his acting career in the children’s series The Saddle Club almost 10 years ago, before either of his brothers entered the business. His TV credits include Last Man Standing, Blue Heelers and Neighbours.

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alycakes3327d ago

He and Chris looked like twins when they were younger.

DarkBlood3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

thankfully chris be worthy of the hammer instead of the rest :P

but wow didnt know there was a 3rd hems here

alycakes3327d ago

I's like how many more of them can there be?

DarkBlood3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

yeah same here im more so wondering about the offchance of your brothers and sisters looking the same

i sort of look similiar to my mother and thats not a good thing to me lol

and to note that im male so that makes it more disturbing :P