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“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” That’s essentially what John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) struggles with on his rocky road to responsibility in the raunchy new comedy Ted, which marks the feature film directing debut of Family Guy creator/star Seth MacFarlane.

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Crazay3322d ago

From the moment I saw the RedBand trailer - i was in love with this movie. Can't wait.

Yi-Long3322d ago

... this just looks so funny.

I'm glad that we're now finally getting some quality comedies from Hollywood, instead of the very lame stuff that's been posing as comedy (Scary Movie, White Chicks, etc etc).

Crazay3321d ago

No Joke. Not that it's a terribly new concept, but it's kinda got that "Conkers Bad Fur Day" feel to it. Potty humor and dirt mouth cutesy characters.

Bathyj3321d ago

You guys should see Meet the Feebles.

Early Peter Jackson.

an0nym0us3321d ago

you guys should be ashamed of yourselves, seth mcfarlene farms this idea like corn.

Soldierone3321d ago

You just related it to Conkers Bad Fur Day so now I have to go see it lol

Crazay3321d ago

How could I not? Conker swore, pissed on things and was a cutesy furry creature. This guy is a cutesy creature, he swears, gets high and even makes Blow job jokes.

Soldierone3321d ago

I know haha, I just never made the connection till you said it. So it went from maybe to GOTTA SEE IT NOW! haha Plus Mila Kunis is in it :D

IWentBrokeForGaming3321d ago

I've got to be honest that I've seen enough trailers for this movie that I bet I've seen all the good parts already if I watch the 4 trailers I've seen, back to back...

ted clips a car while tweeting, is hanging out with hookers, humps a cash register, makes a blow job face at another cashier, jumps in bed and does a f you thunder song with wallberg, hits a bong on the sofa with wallberg, wallberg plays the thousands of name game with ted and still gets it wrong, etc..

thats a bevy of clips that I already know are in the movie... I'd say I've probbly seen enough!

KwietStorm_BLM3321d ago

How is that any different than any other movie trailers?

Crazay3321d ago

LOok at Spider-Man. Some dude took all the trailers and spliced them together to tell the movie in about 20 minutes.

SilentNegotiator3321d ago

The story is by Seth MacFarlane, and not the (funny) Family Guy writers.

So let's see.....Seth's funniest solo work....the "Oh Reginald" joke that he has milked his entire career, a Scotsman whining on a couch, and that Star Trek parody.

Probably crap.

"Oh look, a teddy bear doing naughty things! Hurr hurr hurr hurr"

GamerToons3321d ago

Don't effing watch it. I will tell you one thing. Seth has the largest contract in history in Fox and there is a reason.

If you are so jaded to remember, Family Guy failed on Fox its first run. The fans are the reason it came back to begin with. It's not like it was shoved down our throat.

Sure the humor is hit or miss, but fine you don't like it. Don't sit and act like the guy doesn't have talent. He can act, direct, voice act, write and sing for godsakes.

Sounds like you are into watching CNN alone at night. Exciting stuff.

Kurylo3d3321d ago

u do realize that seth macfarlane does in fact write for the family guy show.. and does most of the voice work in it. Just saying your an idiot.

SilentNegotiator3320d ago

My 'an idiot' did what?

I'm sorry my 'an idiot' upset you. Because clearly, **you're** a very intelligent person yourself.

Kurylo3d3320d ago

Was that a coherent thought u just wrote? I don't understand the point your trying to make since u obviously don't speak English very well. I think your just a hater.

SilentNegotiator3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

I point out the fact that Seth's solo work is CLEARLY mediocre, and you guys attack my intelligence. My, isn't that sad.

"He can act, direct, voice act, write and sing for godsakes"
First of all, going by his solo work, no, he cannot write. And that was my ONLY point. I don't care if he can voice act or sing. And I certainly don't care if he can direct something like family's not like anything outrageous happens from a technical perspective.

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No_Pantaloons3321d ago

Wow never heard of this before, but am totally looking forward to seeing it now.

Crazay3321d ago

I strongly recommend you seek out the Redband trailer on Funny or Die. It's hilarious.