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'The Amazing Spider-Man' Returns With Andrew Garfield Behind The Mask

Andrew Garfield wanted to dive right into his life-long dream of portraying the title superhero in “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

Yet for all of his web-slinging spirit, at one point Garfield found himself suffocating under the weight of his Spider-Man mask.

And that’s not a metaphor.

Filming a scene set in the New York sewers, the British-American actor found himself on the verge of passing out after the spandex covering his face was doused with water.

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alycakes3325d ago

This movie is almost here and I'm very happy that another block buster will have come and be gone....and go thru withdrawls at the same time when they are all over at the end.

Soldierone3324d ago

The only thing I don't like is giving American based comic book heroes to British actors. Not saying British people suck or anything like that, Its just weird that even Hollywood jobs based on American icons are going over seas lol

alycakes3323d ago

I kinda agree with you on that one...seems to be happening a lot lately.