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DigitalNoob Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Russ Pirozek writes:

"The funniest movie of the year is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. There’s only one drawback: this isn’t a comedy. The action/horror adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s book of same name is a big budget movie with stunning visuals and a surprisingly strong cast. While not full of major names, there are plenty of recognizable faces that are littered throughout the film, some of which are in very surprising roles. Though it only borrows liberally from the book (many of the book’s plot points are either changed or ignored), it still holds the basic premise in mind. Moving back and forth between laughable silly (while attempting to be serious) and action-packed, this movie is entertaining, but lacks a clear direction."

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alycakes3318d ago

Has a slow start but once it got was great. I enjoyed it very much. I was surprise it didn't do better for the weekend but it was against some tuff competition.