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Pixar Does It Again! ‘Brave’ Opens Big #1 With $66.5M Weekend


My sources tell me that Pixar’s heroine-in-the-highlands Brave will open to around $66.5M this weekend with $24.5M for Friday and $23.6M for Saturday. So it’ll be an easy #1 this weekend – incredibly, Pixar’s 13th straight first place finish. That’s better than where DreamWorks Animation’s Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted opened two weeks ago for distributor Paramount ($60.3M) but the threequel is holding at #2. (Talk about pent-up demand for kid movies!) Looks like concerns that Brave would only appeal to girls and their mothers were way overplayed. Then again, every Pixar 3D movie has opened to at least $60M. Plus, this is a giant release into 4,164 theaters, 2,790 of which are 3D shows. This is the first anti-princess toon bringing Disney into the 21st Century and audiences responded with CinemaScores of straight ‘A’s.

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Soldierone3323d ago

I'd like to see them do this with something big in the way. I mean Cars barely slid through, but it also opened on a lame weekend lol

I have faith in Pixar thats why I'm saying it. Get some bragging rights of "yeah we took down a big boy along the way!" instead of "yeah we are careful where we put our movies"