Curse of Chucky Begins Filming This September


Video killed the reboot restart…

No longer a rumour, Universal Home Entertainment have slapped the acidic size D’s back into the possessed doll Chucky, signing off on a plan to do a fifth sequel to 1988′s “Child’s Play”.
“Curse of Chucky”, which will be written, directed and produced by Chucky conceiver and recurring franchise director Don Mancini, will begin shooting in Winnipeg, Canada in September.

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Crazay3322d ago

Nice. I'm all for another movie in the series.

darklordzor3322d ago

I can't imagine it will be much better on straight to DVD. I guess it may mean the lower amount of exposure would give them more freedom to be scary again, but I still see this as a step down.

Crazay3322d ago

I do agree that I'd like to see it as more of a horror/slasher flick as opposed to horror comedy that it's become but still what can I say? I like the little bastard.

darklordzor3322d ago

Meh, I never really cared for Chucky. To be honest, he always freaked me the hell out. It had nothing to do with the actual film, just his character and the whole idea surrounding him scares the hell out of me.

Crazay3322d ago

Then I would say that they accomplished the original purpose of Chucky.


DarkBlood3322d ago

even when i was younger i always found it silly out of all super natural bad people how in the hell can you lose to a doll lol :P i mean i can already cook up plenty of ideas to kill the son of a bitch lol excuse my language

Crazay3322d ago

Ok so losing to a doll is a little odd but he's a totally cool doll.

-MD-3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Nice, I'm pumped. Always liked Chucky. I saw it when I was 6 and had awful nightmares about once a year until I was like 11.

Really sucks that it's straight to dvd though.

Edit: It's a sequel now instead of a reboot? WEAK.

pandehz3322d ago

Dam this would make a good comedy reboot with a Chuck Norris doll.

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The story is too old to be commented.