LRA: That's My Boy - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Adam Sandler's success is one of those great mysteries that will never be answered. It's easy to understand how he came into fame since there was a time where he made some good movies and was one of the better SNL alumni from that generation. But the further his career went on, the less I found myself all that interested in what he was making. I certainly gave most of it a chance but there was a shift somewhere in the middle of his career where he just seemed to start phoning everything in. My hypothesis for this shift is a matter of artistic control. During the comedian's early days he was basically just trying to get in the door (to this day I can still recall the radio ads with Sandler begging people to go see his first film Billy Madison). Then he got famous and as any self respecting actor/comedian will tell you, with fame comes more control and with more control means less collaboration. In a nut shell, Adam Sandler is at his best when he ISN'T in control and unfortunately he seems to have had way too much control over That's My Boy.

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