‘Bourne Legacy’ Delaying Release Because Of ‘Total Recall and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’


Universal just announced that it is moving The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner off its August 3rd release date to August 10 to get out of the way of both Sony’s Total Recall and Warner Bros/Legendary’s The Dark Knight Rises.

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Crazay2706d ago

That sucks for fans of the series but pushing it off by 1 whole week is hardly going to make that much of an impact. TDKR and Total Recall are both going to do quite well with TDKR raking in some serious dough for weeks after its initial release.

Rabidgummibear2705d ago

This is sad, but probably a good move in the end for them.

StarWarsFan2704d ago

I wonder if this will be as successful as the installments with Matt Damon. I don't know if Jeremy Renner draws in people enough to carry a franchise on his own.

gaden_malak2704d ago

I wouldn't say Damon did when he was first cast.

StarWarsFan2704d ago

I'm saying I don't think Jeremy Renner has it in him to ever carry a franchise as big as this one.