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DreamWorks Officially Announces Need For Speed For 2014

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DreamWorks Studios has officially announced that, as was previously rumored, Scott Waugh will direct the feature film adaptation of EA’s popular video game franchise, Need for Speed. DreamWorks CEO and Co-Chair Stacey Snider and EA President of Studios Frank Gibeau today made the announcement.

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Crazay3326d ago

For some reason I predict this movie is going to do very well but not because of the namesake. More so because the younger demographic of 16-21yr olds just eat this kind of thing up - Especially when I thought the more recent Fast and Furious movie was better than average.

SHA3326d ago

Fast and Furious franchise potentially has some real competition, if done right.

Soldierone3324d ago

It has to be done right. I don't want another Fast and Furious though....I want it to be more like Tokyo Drift. It was literally all about racing, the racing scene, the cars, and the people in the cars. It barely went out of that zone.

The other FF movies fail to do that. They have like one street race, and in the last one they didn't even show the entire race they just cut away and told you who won.....ITS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT THE RACING!

I personally think The Run has a good potential story, and Underground could work too.

Crazay3323d ago

Tokyo Drift was the least liked movie in the franchse for me. I also stopped playing Need for Speed agaes ago because the subjest matter just doesn't interest me in the least. SO if they make Need for Speed into a racing movie, I'll be passing.

Soldierone3323d ago

But thats the thing. Do you enjoy the racing or do you enjoy the action? Personally I enjoy the cars and the racing aspects, and I liked the character.

Crazay3323d ago

Ya for sure I'm much more of an action guy over racing. I just don't see the attraction I guess.

StarWarsFan3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

It's a great racing brand, but in terms of a story, the movie can go anywhere. It's not like there are well-established characters to base the movie on compared to other movies based on video game franchises. This gives the filmmakers the ability to potentially just go too far with outrageous stunts and ideas, so I hope they really take the time to make a solid car movie and then slap the brand name on it. Otherwise, they may exploit their limitless possibilities to a weird and hollow extreme.