6 Things That Never Make Sense About Zombie Movies


Let me start with a caveat -- I have not seen every zombie movie ever. Please do not point out how in Frederico LaDouchey's 1958 Italian epic Il Zomboner all of these questions were answered before the credits finished rolling. I'm just saying that, by and large, zombie fiction refuses to acknowledge these small points that, when you think about them, are kind of a big deal for the fantasy to play out.

That said, I watch a lot of zombie movies. More than maybe is normal, and once I get to the third or so watching of a particular movie, I'll stop and wonder about these details and why it is that no one wants to explain them to me. Then I get sad that I'm demanding answers from a piece of fiction, so I eat some ice cream and fall asleep in my comfy chair, and when Gladstone wakes me up the next morning, he tells me everything will be OK. But secretly I still want to know.

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Crazay3324d ago

Some of that is kinda funny and I never thought about.

Soldierone3324d ago

The first one is answered in TWD actually, funny its mentioned in it too. Zombies have attention spans of rocks. They will be eating, but if something more fresh comes along or something grabs their attention they leave. Like the lady in TWD, nothing else was really around which is why they ate half her body.

As for the last one, i've wondered that too. But I've come to the conclusion that zombies would just be another animal to avoid. just like a lion would eat your face off, you don't go near it. Why couldn't we just contain it, and stay away from them? sure there are more zombies than any animal out there, but we are still smarter than them.....

Lord_Sloth3324d ago

Yeah...Most people seem to overlook the fact that a Zombie Apocalype would suffer an end due to the zombies decay. All you have to do is outlast them really. In the summer they cook and decay. In the winter they freeze up and still decay, just much slower.

It wouldn't really last a year. Their muscles would break down and they would starve. Especially since they don't actually eat each other.

aDDicteD3320d ago

nice list,, in addition i would like to see why only humans get's to be zombies,, other animals dont get infected or zombified in zombie films