‘Transformers 4’: Michael Bay Purges Stars, May Go Into Space

LA Times

There was still an hour before the gates would open at Universal Studios Hollywood, so Michael Bay pretty much had the Autobot universe to himself on Tuesday morning. First he took two spins through Transformers: The Ride — 3D, the theme park’s just-opened, $100-million digital marvel. Then the 47-year-old filmmaker wandered through Transformers Supply Vault (a store designed to look like the world’s most cheerful military bunker) where even he seemed surprised by its inventory of merchandise that included T-shirts, masks, magnets, patches, coffee cups, books and (of course) plastic toys.

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Crazay2706d ago

I really can't stress enough how badly I want to see Unicron in the next movie(s). Sounds like Mr.Bay and company are listening to fans and taking the fight to space at very least.

iNFAMOUZ12705d ago

whats so interesting about dark abyss n stars? earths so much more interesting

NovusTerminus2704d ago

Simple, Unicron cannot fit on Earth!

NonApplicable2704d ago

How bout using those billions to hire a good screenwriter. I would ask that they strip out everything bad about the franchise but then we would be left with nothing. What else would the mindless adolescent watch?

sjaakiejj2704d ago

They've made a very good start by taking out Shia. He and his character are annoying beyond comprehension.

NonApplicable2704d ago

Have they? I agree that is at least some progress.

MEsoJD2704d ago

For the love of god, don't give the humans a significant role... I just want to see the robots.

level 3602704d ago

A new set of casts' would definitely not hurt the franchise. Am looking forward to the 4th installment.

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The story is too old to be commented.