The Amazing Spider-Man Predicted to Open at $125 Million, But More Likely $150 Million Per Source The Amazing Spider-Man's projected opening weekend numbers have come in and the film should hit the $125 million mark during it's six-day holiday weekend, per Hollywood Reporter. This is lower than the previous Spider-Man movies which opened at $144, $180 and $176 million, respectively.

Though this would make The Amazing Spider-Man the biggest Fourth of July opening of all-time...however another source tells SHA the film will make even more money during it's opening...

(UPDATE: Another source has confirmed to the LA Times this film will make closer to $150 million supporting SHA's source confirmation too.)

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Soldierone3325d ago

Dangit....forgot it was 4th of july weekend. Stupid crowds.....

Defectiv3_Detectiv33325d ago

So it will make back it's budget in the first week of release...something not even The Avengers did.

Thatguy-3103324d ago

Im psyched for this installment. The Avengers broke the all time record because it had more than one super hero. It's obvious that each fanbase of each superhero was going to support that movie.

aDDicteD3321d ago

well it's spiderman so yes, it'll pretty much be on high numbers