Fantastic First Trailer For Dredd


check out the long awaited and more importantly gorgeous looking new trailer for Dredd. This time Karl Urban (Star Trek) takes on the lead role of Judge Dredd.

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Crazay3324d ago

I'm on the hunt for the embed of a higher resolution trailer for you guys. Bear with me. It does look like they just may have nailed it with this movie though. Looks pretty freakin' sweet if you ask me.

Hellsvacancy3323d ago

It doesnt look too bad does it, im quite surprised, im glad its rated R (18) Judge Dredd dont mess about

I dont mind the old one, i look at it more like a comedy

NewMonday3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

it is better than the Stallone " I AM THE LaAwWw!" movie.

BUT i still don't think it fulfills the potential of the comic, they made it just another a summer popcorn flick like Robocop when it could have become the new Blade Runner.

the JD comic is not just another superhero comic, its main them explored the shape of society and authority in the future

Reibooi3323d ago

yeah i gotta say it looked pretty good. Better then I thought it would. In a way it looks like one of those B grade sci fi movies but with a big budget and I mean that in a good way.

StarWarsFan3323d ago

I was expecting worse material.

Lord_Sloth3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Action movie with Karl Urban blasting his way up a building with a predictable plot?

HELL YEAH!!! I wanna see this! I'm not being sarcastic either, I love these type of films!

Hayabusa 1173323d ago

Looks good except for Dredd himself. Maybe it's the way the trailer was cut, but he didn't seem very bad-ass to me: just stands around and delivers snappy one-liners. I didn't get that sense of "whoa, I wouldn't want to cross this guy".

Everything else looks pretty sweet, so I think it'll be worth a shot.

r213323d ago

looks quite good, way better than the Sylvester Stallone version. might watch it.

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