Universal Sets ‘Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Scribes For ‘Jurassic Park 4′

From Deadline:

While Universal Pictures has been trying all summer to generate new franchises, the studio is getting moving with the fourth installment of its biggest one, Jurassic Park. Universal is setting Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver to write the script for the fourth film, which will be produced by Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy. Spielberg won’t direct this one.

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StarWarsFan2703d ago

I'd like to see Steven Spielberg return to directing this franchise.

aviator1892702d ago

me too. I feel like he's the only one who really knows how to direct the franchise and capture the essence of it all. Just my opinion though.

JL2702d ago

This is good news. Glad they're getting the ball rolling on this. Should be interesting to see what they come up with. Not sure who I'd like to see helm this one though.

darklordzor2702d ago

I just hope it's a good story. To be honest, I actually enjoyed a lot of Jurassic Park 3. The main problem I had with it was the story. It didn't feel fully fleshed out.

The story is what made the first one so awesome, and still awesome today.

aDDicteD2699d ago

i have been waiting a long time for jurassic park 4, im happy they get 2 good scriptwriters from last years surprise hit planet of the apes. if spielberg wont come back to direct then i dont know if this 4th installment can stand with the first two. the 3rd one is not good, and the only thing that made it relevant was the addition of a spinosaurus, apart from that the story was close to non sense. i hope they can make a good story this time around.