What We Want From the Splinter Cell Movie


In case you missed the news last week, Splinter Cell is making some headway in Hollywood lately, with Ubisoft shopping the franchise around to studios like Warner Bros. and Paramount. We can't guarantee this will lead to a Splinter Cell movie hitting theaters anytime soon, but at least now fans of Sam Fisher's stealthy antics have reason to hope. And with the new sequel Splinter Cell: Blacklist hitting the PC and consoles next year, the long-dormant movie adaptation could just find the momentum it needs.

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StarWarsFan2699d ago

This could be a great franchise to rival that of James Bond and Jason Bourne, but it needs a solid budget and dependable cast and producers/director to get it off the ground. It can't get cheap like so many video game movies have done.

aDDicteD2698d ago

the article is right on those aspects, i like the way they compare it to bourne film on it's action and a bit of a touch of nolan's batman regarding it's stealth. i really want to see some cool stealth in this film. i just hope they make it right it has the potential to be a good franchise and if done right it'll maybe be close to the success of bourne films