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Interview With Brave Producers Mark Andrews And Katherine Sarafian | CGM

As long as the Walmart approved comedy kryptonite Larry The Cable Guy isn’t involved, you simply can’t go wrong with a Pixar movie. By virtue of the fact that when they launched the first full-length CGI animated film with Toy Story the company essentially killed off hand drawn animation, there should be some sort of resentment directed towards the Oscar-gobbling animation behemoth. Yet Pixar just gets better and better, cranking out contemporary classics like The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Finding Nemo, and Up at will. This week Pixar launches their latest summer classic in Brave, which according to the marketing material appears to be a bland CGI post-millennial twist on the Disney princess genre. Of course, Pixar being Pixar it’s another hilarious, emotionally complex, beautifully animated work geared to anyone who will stick their eyeballs in front of it rather than children needing a blockbuster babysitter. The film sits comfortably with the rest of the studio’s output and if anything might be soft-peddled with critical acclaim simply because we’ve come to expect this excellence from Pixar. We got the chance to chat with Brave’s co-director Mark Andrews and producers Katherine Sarafian about their wonderful film during a trip to Toronto and picked their brain about the creation of another animation classic, which is just business as usual around their sacred offices.

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