Jim Carrey Exits 'Dumb and Dumber' Sequel


The actor felt the Farrelly Brothers' project lacked studio support, according to a new report.

Jim Carrey has scrapped plans to star in a sequel to his 1994 hit comedy Dumb and Dumber, Entertainment Tonight reports.

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darklordzor3333d ago

Nooooo! The only reason I was looking forward to this one was because of the original cast. With Carrey out, my interest is now gone. Hopefully they just trash it now.

asmith23063332d ago

I agree. Bar any deaths, this was one of the saddest announcements in the movie industry in a long time for me, Dumb & Dumber is my favourite comedy of all time. My interest has gone from 100% to 0%.

SHA3333d ago

He should focus on another Ace Ventura.

darklordzor3333d ago

Meh, I never really cared for those movies, and could live without ever seeing another one.

Crazay3333d ago

I hated Ace Ventura. I'm very ok with no more of them being made. Def. bummer about Dumb and Dumber though.

user54670073331d ago

Well he should make a third one since Ace Ventura Jr was so crap

I mean they should write that film off as a Ace wakes up and says he's just had a horrible nightmare.

DarkBlood3333d ago

and elvis left the building

Crazay3332d ago

There's pretty well no reason to even make this movie now if Jim isn't going to be a part of the movie.

Soldierone3332d ago

Then they should just cancel the movie all together.....

darklordzor3332d ago

Yep, time to move on to something else. I like Daniels but he worked well with Carrey on the other side. Without one or the other it just seems to fall apart.

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The story is too old to be commented.