3 Movies We Want to See Remade, and 3 Movies We Never Want to See

GameZone's Lance Liebl writes, "There are some movies that should never be made, and then there are some movies that should be made but Hollywood just screws up. I'm sure you can think of a few just off the top of your head. Some movies I saw during my childhood that I was sure were going to be awesome — only to leave scratching my head. When you have little kids scratching their heads, that's not good. It's either a really sh*tty movie or the theater they went to made them get lice from the seats."

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Riggans423331d ago

Totally agree about Ghostbusters III. Have no interest in seeing it if Bill Murray isn't in it. Just have him walk through the script writing process and you'd be good to go.

darklordzor3331d ago

I could live without another Street Fighter movie. The cartoons have done a good enough job with the property.

Lord_Sloth3331d ago

I would love a remake of Masters of the Universe. That and Krull...Krull would be freaking sweet!

On the other hand though I'm looking forward to any1 other than Nolan taking the Batman franchise. Nolan made it uber realistic so I never got to see my favorite villains; Clayface and Mr. Freeze. Hopefully the new guy won't give us such bland fight scenes and hyper realistic scenarios.

StarWarsFan3330d ago

You never want to see Batman after Christopher Nolan leaves? Come on.

aDDicteD3327d ago

i dont agree with this stuff:

super mario and masters of the universe - i doubt they can make it work at this time.

no more batman movies after nolan leaves? im sure they will make more..chances that it wont be as good as nolan films but it is possible to make it as decent as burtons concept.

ghostbusters can be made without bill murray if they reboot it totally without akroyd and raimis and make a dark version.