Watch: 3 New Clips From 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Plus Linkin Park Music Trailer

The Playlist:
After its initial run of promotional material consisted of grandiose proclamations set over slo-mo glimpses of bloody vampire killing, three new clips from “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” have surfaced, and… surprise, surprise, more of the same on display.

The clips largely feature Lincoln, as played by Benjamin Walker, in steely-faced combat mode, first fighting vampires with Anthony Mackie on the roof of a train in tufts of fog, and then in a ballroom at the behest of the film's baddie Rufus Sewell. The last, which involves Dominic Cooper in a ridiculous haircut and sunglasses, asks the question, “What does Lincoln think about when he cuts down trees?” The answer is his mother's death by vampire of course, as he cleaves one so powerfully it simply explodes.

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alycakes3138d ago

The music video for the movie is really good. I like the group anyway...they usually do good stuff. This is put together well. Can't wait til Friday.

alycakes3136d ago

It was really good..I had to watch it again.