Timur Bekmambetov Says "Shocking" Sequel To 'Wanted' Will Follow James McAvoy's Wesley Gibson

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While there has been much talk, a sequel to "Wanted" has been moving slowly. While the original writers were hired to pen a sequel last fall, it remained to seen how they would continue from the blood-soaked finale of the first film, a breakneck comic book actioner from director Timur Bekmambetov that grossed $341 million worldwide. With an ending featuring a bloodbath that killed the most important characters, not to mention the biggest names in the cast, a follow-up looked like a tricky proposition, but it looks like that particular story nut has been cracked.

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alycakes3511d ago

I loved the first one and I'm sure with the right cast the second one will be even better.

xVeZx3510d ago

i thought the movie was pretty awesome so i looked up the comic book series...its completely different but still great

Thatguy-3103510d ago

It's going to be hard finding a woman that kicks ass like angelina jolie. Let's sew how this turns out.