The Collider's 'True Blood' Recap: “Authority Always Wins”

The Collider:
Already, in just the second episode this season, True Blood has successfully rerouted the drama (and let’s be honest, mess) of last season into new and promising directions. In probably the strongest narrative for the season ahead, Eric and Bill are teaming up to destroy Russell Edgington, taking their chances on meeting the true death fighting him rather than at the hands of the Authority.

That’s one big problem with True Blood – the stakes (no pun intended) are very low. Not only is there absolutely no chance that any major character is going to die, but the show has even kept alive some characters that the original book series killed off. Even though we knew that neither Bill or Eric would be meeting the true death any time soon, it is interesting enough to have them set to go up against Russell and potentially return to the Authority’s good graces (after all, as this week’s title tells us, the Authority Always Wins). Other new subplots were not so successful – hit the jump for more on them, and how to raise a baby vampire (hint: True Blood is not appreciated).

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