Lionsgate Plans On Remaking ‘Twilight.’ It’s True. They’ll Deny It. But It’s True.

STYD says

As quickly as I predicted, Summit has denied our report using the age-old “semantics card” that basically puts it all on the chest of creator Stephanie Meyer. “We are not remaking Twilight. We will happily support Stephanie Meyer if she decides to proceed in any way. But this will be the last one unless that should change,” said Summit Co-Chairman and now Lionsgate domestic movie czar Rob Friedman to a site that didn’t credit us, therefore you’ll have to guess who reported it. Said site clarifies: “What this statement means is simply that the studio will do whatever “Twilight Saga” author Stephenie Meyer wants. She has said in some interviews that she wouldn’t mind seeing a reboot — so an eventual remake isn’t out of the realm of possibility.” That’s because – mark my words – it’s going to happen.

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DarkBlood3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

is pretty much how i feel about this lol

aDDicteD3321d ago

seriously? the first one was 4 yrs ago and now their planning a complete reboot/remake on it