Exclusive Video: Tim Burton Talks Beetlejuice 2

STYD says

Roughly 24 years ago, a young director named Tim Burton made a significant mark with his second feature film, the dark comedy Beetlejuice, which also put actor Michael Keaton firmly on the map while winning an Oscar for its special make-up FX.

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Crazay3327d ago

I'd really like to see another Beetlejuice movie but am not so sure I'm sold on Tim Burton directing it. If he's able to recapture the fun and charm the original had, then awesome otherwise let someone else do it...and please, don't cast Helena Bonham Carter in this movie...Or Johnny Depp for that matter.

SHA3325d ago

What made the original so amazing is it was his second full-length feature (Pee-Wee's Big Adventure was his first) and he was still raw in his filmmaking talents and I think it really shows. Not saying this is a bad thing but it's why I like his older movies better than his newer one's since the new stuff seems over-produced now.

If he scales back the production costs to make a more "raw-like" film like when he began, then this could be a good movie.

But don't go back to this franchise just to simply go back to it and make money please. If this is the case, then leave this idea alone and move on to something else.

Deadpool6163325d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing Michael Keaton revisit Batman as well. It would be interesting seeing the dark knight return.