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LRA: The FP - Blu-ray Review

LRA writes: My original review for The FP was slightly...absurd, I admit that. I got a lot of interesting responses to it from different people, most of which included a baffled look and/or complete disinterest. I understand the disconnect there, unless you saw the film it really didn't do much to give any sort of insight into what the film was all about. But even with that hurdle, I still feel as though anyone that didn't get the joke I was shooting for with that review would most likely not be someone who would enjoy what The FP is. This is a film made by a family and their closest friends to be as ridiculously stupid and over the top as possible and some people either just don't get it or are ill-equipped to handle the joke of it all. As stated with a direct quote from the actor who plays KCDC, "It's not there to offend, it's just there to make you laugh".

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