Push Start Review: Fast Girls

Vicki Dolley writes: "Regan Hall’s Fast Girls, the Bend It Like Beckham for runners just in time for the 2012 London Olympics, is a harmless feel-good movie following two ambitious athletes with very different backgrounds: Shania Andrews (Being Human’s Lenora Crichlow) and Lisa Temple (Wrath of the Titans’ Lily James). Shania is a smart, streetwise girl – and before you can say “Noel Clarke” (who co-wrote and also appears in the film as the girls’ coach Tommy) we are presented with yet another independent British film to ‘relayte to the yoof’ as loud rap music plays over scenes in the rough council estate areas, innit. She explains she’s ‘skint’ and she lives with her aunt, whilst her sister Tara (Tiana Benjamin) gets involved with a seemingly nasty boyfriend, Daze (Richie Campbell). Whilst it is very real that these settings and situations exist in real life, it’s hardly inspiring viewing when nearly every British independent film and The Bill milks the exact same concept. However Crichlow does this role justice and makes us care for Shania even though we’ve seen her character a thousand times before in British drama."

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