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Player Affinity Writes: At this point, can any Adam Sandler fan not be considered an apologist? Bring up Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison all you like, it's clear that the Sandler of the 21st Century could not care less about what you think of him. After an affable and promising performance in Funny People didn't break bank at the box office, it's like he decided that dignity and success were mutually exclusive. This meant starring in three of the worst movies of the last two years, and becoming a record-setter at the Razzie awards (last year he had 12 nominations…in 10 categories). To borrow a lyric from Old Dirty Bastard, Jacques Costeau could never get this low.

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TerraMantis3334d ago

Adam Sandler has been awful for quite some time now...

Crazay3333d ago

I had read in another review that this was a return to form for Adam Sandler going back to what made him big in the first place.