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The Amazing Spider-Man Clip Brilliantly Displays Spidey's Humor in the Full Carjacker Scene - Video You've seen the scene in The Amazing Spider-Man's trailer when he mocks a carjacker after pulling out a "tiny knife" and you've seen a sample of his witty banter while running from the police in another trailer but you haven't seen Spidey and his full blown humor while wearing his superhero costume in the new movie.

That is until now.

Check out this highly entertaining and funny clip of the full carjacker scene from the film. All we can say about this is wow.

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SHA3877d ago

We hate to comment on our own post but if this scene doesn't excite you for the new Spider-Man movie, then you just might be dead on the inside. Just sayin'. Haha.

Soldierone3877d ago

We went out of our way to watch it at midnight at Wal-Mart and it was so awesome to me. I loved it, and it really shows how well this movie is going to be. Looks fantastic too, great film technics!

OneAboveAll3877d ago

Loving the new Spidey but i wish his voice was more clear like the Raimi Spidey. I know he's wearing a mask but come on. :p

hazelamy3877d ago

now that's what Raimi's Spider-Man was lacking.

aDDicteD3869d ago

i love the humor in this scene, spidey playing some low level carjacker, it's really awesome, looking forward on watching this one!