LRA: Prometheus - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: It has been over 30 years since legendary director Ridley Scott showed us his vision of the future. Since he has filled that gap of time with such classics as Black Hawk Down, Thelma & Louise and Kingdom of Heaven, the wait hasn't been too excruciating but never the less I awaited his long return to the genre of Sci-Fi horror with great anticipation. The 1979 Alien is a near flawless film, the set designs, the iconic creature, the inspired casting and a slew of classic film moments helped make this sophomore directorial effort from Scott more than just another cheesy horror film and turned it into one of the biggest and most revered horror franchises of all time. So, with the Alien series being a personal favorite of mine, I was filled with an extreme amount of enthusiasm when I first heard about his return to the franchise and the genre itself. Prometheus is more than just some summer blockbuster with a lot of neat (and expensive) effects for people to inhale popcorn while watching, it is that rare summer film that makes you think. While it doesn't quite provide all the answers some may want from it by the time it is all over, there is no question when it comes to the expert craftsmanship that Scott uses to create a world that is beautiful in all the wrong ways and is compelling in a way not usually associated with this genre of film.

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