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Future Shop Will Have A Sweet Steelbook For The Avengers

When The Avengers finally releases on Blu-Ray, Future Shop will be carrying an exclusive steelbook with some pretty sweet artwork on it.

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BringingTheThunder3224d ago

already have it pre-ordered! i might grab two and sell the other on ebay

TrendyGamers3224d ago

I remember when The Dark Knight steelbooks sold for about $100 on eBay because they are exclusive to Canada.

BringingTheThunder3224d ago

i'll expect to get around that for the steelbook

BringingTheThunder3224d ago

just checked and tdk is selling for just $10 now. but someones trying to sell a sealed copy of star trek steelbook for $300!!

DarkBlood3223d ago

well i fully expect this from futureshop in canada as usual so i'll be picking up the steelbook day one at the store