5 Things You Might Not Know About 'The Bourne Identity,' Released 10 Years Ago Today

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Ten years and one day ago, Doug Liman was an independent director with a couple of critical favorites behind him. Ten years and one day ago, Matt Damon was the promising writer/star of "Good Will Hunting" who had seemingly squandered his potential on a string of questionable movie choices, kept near A-list only by his presence in "Ocean's Eleven" (where he tellingly only played a smaller supporting role). Ten years and one day ago, the spy genre was increasingly tired, with the Bond films moving into new levels of ridiculousness (that year's "Die Another Day" would introduce Madonna and invisible cars to the series).

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alycakes3339d ago

Very interesting and I didn't know 4 out of 5 of those things they were talking about.

Crazay3337d ago

More specifically - who cares? the series sucked big time.

Siren303337d ago

So I'm guessing you didn't like the first one but saw the second one anyways. Then you didn't like the second one but went ahead and saw the third one which I'm guessing you also hated. Now you coming into articles about a series which you hated?

gaden_malak3337d ago

Why even comment if you didn't like it? Waste of time.

Crazay3336d ago

Hush ladies - when did this site become N4G where someone gets lambasted about what they thought of something?

2pacalypsenow3337d ago

i hate when they do sequels with different main roles especially if its the 4th film

MaximusPrime3337d ago

Love all 3 Bourne films. Shame that Matt will not reprise his role for the 4th one.

New star, Jeremy Renner, looks good on the Bourne legacy trailer. He's great on Avengers and Mission Impossible 4. No doubt he will play well as Matt Damon's replacement.

krazykombatant3337d ago

Matt Damon, isn't talking the role again of David Webb/Jason Bourne because the previous director Greengrass if I recall had a fallout with the producers and Matt didn't want to do the movie without him.

Nice to see that the producers did respect the fact that Jason is Damon's Character and invented this new character for Jeremy. I'm sure it'll be a good film riding completely on the momentum of the other 3 but the similarities with the book ended long ago ever since they announced the "enhanced genes or whatever it was" in the trailer.

wenaldy3337d ago

Renner looks like lil brother of Daniel Craig..not lie..!!!