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Sorry, Disney Has No Plans to Release ‘Avengers’ Director’s Cut in Theaters


You may have heard the rumors that Disney and Marvel were planning on releasing ‘The Avengers‘ “Director’s Cut” in theaters this August. It’s a great story, except it’s not true.

The story goes that director Joss Whedon’s first cut of ‘The Avengers’ was over three hours long. This much is true; he told Collider as much. But from there the rumor took on a life of its own (anonymous sources at a site called Superhero Authority?…) and all suddenly it became a foregone conclusion that Disney would re-release ‘The Avengers’ in theaters with bonus footage later this summer. But we check with the actual people at Disney who confirmed they have absolutely no plans to release an ‘Avengers’ Director’s Cut in theaters.

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ComicFan3335d ago

So you're debunking something that was a rumor all along?! Haha. Even the original article(s) said Marvel and Disney had not confirmed anything so this is nothing but a re-post.

Soldierone3335d ago

I think the titles were even saying "rumor" haha

Either way it could still be a business move. Why tell people now when they are still going? Also why would it come out just before the DVD/Blu-ray release. If anything it will be like Avatar and re-release after the DVD release.

darklordzor3334d ago

Not surprised at all about this. I'm sure there isn't much of a director's cut honestly. Joss typically puts in there everything he wants and his deleted scenes get cut for a reason.

kingPoS3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

I'm sure they'll be a three or four disc 3D bluray waiting for those who are patient.

ComicFan3334d ago

I hate to be the one who says "don't believe Disney" right now but after reading this post with info straight from Marvel reps, I still think a director's cut is highly possible: