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What Movies Are Marvel Planning For 2015? We Have A Hint About One Of Em


And I do mean a HINT, one that doesn't really narrow anything down too much, but will definitely make for some interesting speculation.

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Soldierone2713d ago

Disney/Marvel is making an origin movie.....yay not like we haven't been seeing those for how many years now? lol (I honestly hate origin movies at this point)

Crazay2713d ago

Ya but if its a new character that hasn't had a movie yet, people need to understand where he/she came from and what drives them. I'm perfectly ok with this.

Soldierone2713d ago

Well technically speaking, if its Black Panther they could watch the animated Avengers movie and get a good picture of him :P

I will admit that the animated version was so well done that seeing it in live action might actually be cool though. His whole introduction would be awesome.

Zefros2713d ago

We will atleast get another avenger movie in 2014/15, another Ironman in 2014/15 and anohter spiderman 2014/15.

Crazay2713d ago

That feels too soon to have ALL those movies in one season again. but who knows. maybe we will have another summer filled with Comic movies.

DarkBlood2713d ago

at this point i dont think we will be seeing any slow downs to the comic book movies

but thats just me i watch these types of movies more then others so more of these are a good thing to me

-MD-2712d ago

99.9% sure Ironman 3 will be out in 2013.