Marvel And Disney Rumored To Release The Avengers' Director's Cut In Theaters

SuperHero Authority:
The Avengers is sitting comfortably at No. 3 overall on both the domestic and International ticket sale charts but it seems both Marvel and Disney desire the No. 1 overall spot and a current rumor says they could be contemplating releasing The Avengers: Director's Cut in theaters at the end of this summer.

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DarkBlood3332d ago

they do this then i might just go see it :P

Yi-Long3332d ago

.... and I'm not going to pay extra for something I genuinely dislike.

I would like to see a director's cut, but TBH my first reaction to news like this, is always: if this is the director's cut, why wasn't this released in the first place!?!?

Now people have to double-dip to get to see the best version!?

I wouldn't have minded so much if they had announced it before the release of the movie (like they did with LOTR and King Kong), but now people find out afterwards that they basically paid for and watched an 'incomplete' movie!

alycakes3332d ago

Well...technically you always pay to see an incomplete movie. You know that the director's cut is always going to be longer and have scenes in it that weren't in the theater shown version so I'm really not surprised or upset by this.

I was going to see it at the theater and buy it when it came out anyway.

SilentNegotiator3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

"Well...technically you always pay to see an incomplete movie. You know that the director's cut is always going to be longer and have scenes in it that weren't in the theater shown version"

Umm, no. I don't expect them to change the movie mid-theater release. I expect them to make minor changes for the DVD/Blu-ray and have the cut content in special features, but not this. When it changes for the DVD release, it's extra-incentive to own it. When it changes for a different theater shown version, a few weeks after release, it's a slap in the face for making me watch an "incomplete" version a month ago. I would have held off on seeing it if I thought they were pulling this crap.

tarbis3332d ago

Well, I don't mind if they release the director's cut version. I've always wanted to watch the film the 2nd time.

Chidori3332d ago

Oh well here's another reason for me to go see it AGAIN. Seriously though, i love this movie. Not the best film ever, but certainly one of my all time personal favorites.

archemides5183331d ago

they are just calling it a "director's cut" to reel people in. whedon has spoken in many interviews specifically about the extra scenes and how they were actually redundant and unnecessary.

raWfodog3331d ago

Isn't that what the directors cut supposed to be? Redundant and unnecessary scenes that they decided to cut in order to cut movie time?

archemides5183331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

no, director's cut is the final edit of how the director wants the film to be, but the director "usually" doesn't have "final cut" in which the financiers can override his decisions for whatever reason (running time, they don't agree with what/how it's presented, etc). in most studio movies they film a lot of extraneous stuff that is later re-inserted into the movie to pad time for the tv edit so the commercials fit accurately. And a lot of the stuff blatantly repeats the same information (which also helps while editing, they use the version that works better). and also generally speaking, most things are cut from a movie are much better left out. What you are more referring to is an "extended edition", which while it can work, is not always synonymous with "director's cut". even for lord of the rings peter jackson says the theatrical editions are the definitive versions and that the pacing in the extended cuts are messed up.

raWfodog3331d ago

ahh, thanks for clearing that up for me. That makes sense.

darklordzor3331d ago

Yeah I had a feeling this wasn't true. I mean, I don't truly see a need for it, and I swear I've heard Joss Whedon say that what we see on the screen is his cut of the film.

ComicFan3331d ago

This was a rumor all along so there is nothing to debunk. Haha. Plus the fact that the ScreenCrush post has spelling errors make me believe they're not credible anyway. No quality control through editing = hard to trust IMO. Just sayin'.

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