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Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "Machine Gun Preacher is based on the real life story of the controversial Sam Childers; a half preacher half mercenary (former) drug addict that gets out of prison and decides to change his life. Director Marc Forster shoots the film pretty close to Childers’ life in terms of overall feel, which leaves you wondering if you should be cheering or hating a guy that abandons his own family in order to help save others. Gerard Butler and Michael Shannon provide two well-acted performances, but they mostly don’t stick, like most of the film. Machine Gun Preacher is about as unbalanced and lacking of direction as Childers’ real life."

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emily_estep3187d ago

As much as I love Michael Shannon..

MinimeJer053187d ago

Agreed. I kept wondering why his name was NEVER used as promotional pull for this flick, but then I found out why..