THR Film Review; People Like Us

As overcranked as it is -- the film is directed as if it were an action drama, with two or three times more cuts than necessary -- People Like Us has a persuasive emotional pull at its heart that's hard to deny. Playing half-siblings with absentee-father issues and major childhood baggage who meet for the first time as adults, Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks make the most of the sort of big-time emoting opportunities not normally available in their more customary action and comedy roles, respectively. This intimate story of troubled young souls would have felt more honest if handled in a simpler, quieter style, which suggests that the influences on first-time director Alex Kurtzman from having worked as a writer and in other ways on Transformers, Alias, Star Trek, Hawaii Five-0 and Cowboys & Aliens likely were more pernicious than beneficial. Still, he knows where the emotional truth lies in this quasi-autobiographical material and is able to deliver it, which should translate into people quite liking this DreamWorks/Touchstone/Disney entry upon its June 29 release.

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