How Spider-Man Was Almost In ‘The Avengers,’ Sort Of

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Hi folks!

It feels weird to be writing not about ‘Iron Man 3′ these days. We figure we’d let everyone settle into there being no Iron Patriot.

Oh – and I got to do some press for The Amazing Spider-Man, which I’ve been a big promoter of, not that the film is going to need my help.

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gaden_malak3339d ago

Would have been nice to see this.

Soldierone3339d ago

That is cool, and I would have loved to see it.

I think Fox is giving everyone a bad name with their rights. Sony seems more open about it, but doesn't want Disney taking everything from them. Personally don't want Spider-Man going to Disney fully either.

I'd be open to cross overs, but I think Disney would be the harder one to get by there. They want all the rights, Sony wants Spider-Man. Eventually its going back to Disney, and we will probably get "ultimate Spider-Man" or something which sucks. I want them to develop and go further, do Venom right, and so on.

gaden_malak3339d ago

I don't understand the whole business with Spider-man and the name.

Surely Marvel should have the rights to it all and make the choices, what has caused this issue with Sony having the rights at the moment and how did they get it when Marvel is owned by Disney?

Soldierone3339d ago

Marvel sold the movie rights (and TV show rights) to Sony before they were bought out by Disney. Sony worked out a deal to lose the TV show rights, but keep the movie rights.

Same with Xmen (anything X-Men related at all) is owned by Fox, Marvel sold the movie rights to them. Paramount had rights to all the Avengers characters, but I think that is ending (in north America at least) now since Disney is taking it over.

Sony has rights to Spider-Man universe. So pretty much all the villains, stories, and characters can't be used in Avengers or any Disney movie unless Sony gives them rights to do so. Marvel fans want that gone so Disney can put them in the Avengers.

Marvel still works with Sony and helps them make the movies, and Marvels name goes on the movie too. The whole issue is the fact Disney owns them now and wants the rights back.

gaden_malak3338d ago

Ahh cool, thanks for the info.

Horny Melon3338d ago

Just an FYI

There was a series of comics where Spiderman, the hulk, ghost rider, and wolverine took over for the Fantastic Four.

Horny Melon3338d ago

So total buildings that should be in the new york skyline




am i missing any?

StarWarsFan3338d ago

It does seem strange not to have had Spider-Man involved, but I enjoy him in his solo movies. Although, I can't speak for this new one.

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