'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Season 5 Trailer: Darth Maul, Death Watch Battle Over The Galaxy

EW Inside TV:
Even legendary prequel naysayer Simon Pegg has made up with Star Wars. Why?

“The Clone Wars. Making Star Wars cool again, twenty minutes at a time,” he tweeted in February, shortly before voicing Empire Strikes Back bounty hunter Dengar in an episode. But you don’t have to take Pegg’s word for it. Instead, check out Darth Maul and the Death Watch battling for galactic supremacy in this dark, epically kinetic new trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ fifth season, set to debut on Cartoon Network this September. Cynical as you may be about the franchise, it’ll make you feel like your 12-year-old self clutching a Boba Fett lunchbox in no time. Or as the series’ supervising director Dave Filoni tells EW, “There’s a lot of payoff coming.”

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alycakes3333d ago

I stopped and watched this for a few minutes the other day and I have to looks like it's pretty good.

gaden_malak3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

I've found it to be a really good series.

Especially the last season and a half.

aDDicteD3332d ago

looks more intense than season 4,, the season 4 finale wasn't as good as i hoped it to be and i hope that darth maul will get to kill some jedi in this season, hope that he meets either general grievous or dooku.

StarWarsFan3331d ago

That is a solid and epic trailer for a television show.